At a turning point in my life in my early sixties I determined to pause, to explore and mine my own travel experiences, writing down the memories. Checking up on the past started me on a whole new adventure; pilgrimage, homage, expedition and jaunt.


The Writer's Journey

I did not start my life in Sydney.  The journey to Australia was a blustery passage, boisterous and blessed.  Pausing in many countries, I unwittingly traded scraps of my heart for new shards of exotic savvy and grit.  I enjoy writing now; examining those exchanges of spirit and musing on my arrival at this point in time.

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The Hong Kong Letters

In the late sixties when the Beatles were top of the charts and Twiggy was hitting the catwalk, Gill embarked on a life-changing journey to Hong Kong.  Mao’s revolution was at its height.  Vietnam had become America’s longest war with no end in sight.  But it was in the offices of an advertising agency where Gill fought her battles.

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Photo Gallery

My photo gallery reflects the diversity of my life and the many places I have lived and visited. Despite my nomadic leanings, I'm content at home, and with a bagatelle of collected treasures and my photo albums, I can go back through any door to the past and revisit some very beautiful places, like Rastoke in Croatia in the picture above.

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