There Is Seldom A Dream Run

Mike and I at home with our four daughters, Emily Dale, Kim and Alice.

Mike and I at home with our four daughters, Emily Dale, Kim and Alice.

In my early sixties, I had a life changing moment when I declared a Unilateral Declaration of Ownership

Next, I got cold feet and had to light a slow fuse.

Declaring Unilateral Declaration of Ownership, gives one a rush of blood to the head - not the deep, gutsy,
sustainable valour required.  That needs camaraderie and unity.  I was flying solo.  So I played a trick on myself. 
I lit a slow-burning fuse.  I organised to lease our house out and gave notice at work.  That gave me
six months to come up with a plan for where Mike and I would go.  Fait accompli.

That was five years ago

Today, back in our house in Sydney, I have:

  • an income stream from international travellers who know of us through Sabbatical Homes and Airbnb;
  • found my niche as a writer of travel memoir.  I have recently finished my first book which is now  
    doing the rounds of agents;
  • started on my second book;
  • travelled extensively in the last few years and made a host of new friends and acquaintances. 
  • journeyed halfway round the world to the Azores.  These islands that are the furthest landfall
    from Sydney.  Any further and you are on the way back!
  • most importantly, four girls that all still talk to me …
  • Mike, who also still talks to me, just ... 
  • an idea, a vague idea for a new adventure …

So it all went according to plan? 

Are you kidding?  Absolutely nothing went according to plan.  I questioned my sanity.  Mike certainly questioned the wisdom of being homeless.   The original problem looked trite compared with the problems I created for myself and everyone else.  The "F" word became my mantra.  UDO was the stupidest thing I ever did and yet…  it worked! 

In a tortuous, devious, ambiguous way …  it worked!   

And Mike?

Well he might not admit it, but I think he did enjoy the brilliant, brazen and sometimes beastly
adventures that beset us.

My blog will embrace stories of how writing, travelling and opening my home to guests has
helped me live more comfortably than I could ever have imagined.