The Lion Behind The Anthill

I am currently working on a new manuscript about a decade spent in and out of Africa. As with The Hong Kong Letters, I have drawn on the words I wrote home at the time. Letters that my father lovingly kept and gave back to me.

I met a man in Africa... a peerless companion. When Mike and I became engaged, a friend said, “They’ll never be a dull moment with that man.”

Memoir is seeing one’s minuscule life in the maelstrom of existence. Mike and I had no business ever being in most of the places where we lived and worked on projects of questionable value.

Each action we took dissolved or imploded. Not all receded into the abyss of time itself, some consequences chased us.

The Lion Behind The Anthill is a testament to love and folly in equal measure. Life wasn't perfect, but it was wonderful.